I’ve Been Gone a Long Time

Hello all, if anyone if still actually here!

I unsurprisingly fell off the blogging wagon again. I knew it would happen, I was just waiting to see when I would forget it and/or ignore e-mails that WordPress shared with me.

Anyway, I am back. I am officially a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and plan to couple that with my Bachelors degree in Psychology to take on clients and make their lives better!

I have my own domain name now and have just created a website (its still in its infancy and needs a lot of work, but I’m moderately proud of myself for taking that step). The link is http://www.juliahunterwellness.com

More importantly, I plan on having articles, write ups, and musings on my website related to health and overall wellness. I’ll be posting some of those here, but will also maintain this as a personal blog. I just went through and deleted a few posts that were a little too irrelevant or embarrassing and am shocked at just how much of myself I was putting out there. I’m hoping that my newfound discipline (or beginnings of it) will help me keep this goal of writing more and being on top of my life as a whole!


Kick Ass Cooking

Day 26/30 asks me to write about something in my life that I’m kicking ass at, as opposed to what I need to improve upon .

I’ve been lazy the past few weeks because of my engagement and having exorbitant amounts of family time. The one area of life I have been kicking ass in is cooking though. Maybe I’m just further transforming into a domestic diva.

Being vegan makes it important to cook at home because going out to eat is usually expensive, and on top of that my fiance is the pickiest eater in the world. He is gluten and corn free (and cauliflower/broccoli weirdly) because he gets ill when he eats them. He hates all foods that are “slimy” as he puts it, which entails zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and that entire family, along with mushrooms of all kinds. A few days ago he decided that he consumes too much oil, so he’s oil free unless we go out to eat. We both stay away from refined sugar as well.

Let that sink in. A gluten and corn free vegan that hates most major vegetables and wont eat a meal that uses oil or sugar (and minimum salt, as in zero). A coworker asked if I take him to the hospital to eat out because he couldn’t fathom any restaurant that could cater to his dietary needs and choices.

So despite having not much to work with, I am becoming a master of the kitchen. Some meals are giant piles of things he can eat that get thrown together in haste, and some are recipes from The Minimalist Baker or random google pages that have been adjusted to meet his tyrant needs. I’ve gotten so good at it I’ve thought of making a recipe page for the blog!

Anyone else cooking more? Maybe it was a dreaded new years resolution?

Life Improvements

Day 26/30 asks to write about an area of my life I would like to improve. Coincidentally I’m writing this on New Years Eve. I’ve never been one to make resolutions because I don’t appreciate “NEW YEAR NEW ME” as a motto.

Its not a resolution, but I would like to be more consistent. In an earlier post I wrote about how as a Sagittarius I see the duality of my life, and of the opposing adjectives that sum up me. One of the more hindering parts of my personality, and incredibly annoying to those closest to me, is my inconsistency.

My fiance says that I’m either full on, doing everything I can to show him how much he means to me, or I sit around like a selfish sack of potatoes and do nothing. There usually is no in between. Ideally I would like to be full on all the time, but life gets in the way and when the weather is grey I feel like I need 47 hours of sleep and -insert excuses here-. I would like to be more consistent in my behaviors and likes, and not have so many excuses for why I don’t do things or why I can only eat that certain food if it’s prepped like this, why I can devote so much time and effort to an activity and then let it die.

Maybe its just a quirk of mine though. Anybody else feeling inconsistent?

Childhood-ish Revisited

The Daily Post’s prompt is about childhood revisited. This may be very weird, but I don’t remember my childhood. There are maybe 5 events that I can recall from before age 9. Sometimes I wonder if I’m an alien/sorceress/princess/most-important-character that was placed among an average family for a better life. Maybe I’m Superman! Or I was kidnapped and I’ve magically been incorporated into everyone’s memories! Just waiting for the movie to start.

Either way, my early adolescence is very prominent in my mind where my childhood is not. So much so that I can remember my old Photobucket account username. I started searching through some of the 387 photos and realized just how much of my life was wasted on stupid activities and ideas. These are just some highlights.

This is just a small compilation of the many, many icons I had on my Myspace page. That’s right, I WANTED people to know that I was a Something Corporate fan. Fourteen year old that loves cookies, corniness, romance, drinking, and being a jerk. Does it get any better?

Oh but it does. I was also incredibly pale with no sense of fashion, and I was taking selfies with cameras that you should not be taking selfies with. As in, pre-digital camera ownership. You’re welcome world.

If anyone is feeling embarrassed about their life, ever, please feel free to come to this post and feel better.

A Quick Unfinished Zombie Blurb

Like most people, the holidays ruined any semblance of discipline I had in my life. There was no blogging, exercising, or generally doing anything that benefits me.

In any event, I’m going to pretend like I didn’t miss any days and continue with my 30 day writing challenge ! Day 25/30 asks: “Think of any word. Search it on Google Images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.”


Sexy, right?

It happened just the way movies predicted it would. Videos went viral, teenage trolls declared forgery, and the general population speculated that it was all part of some over the top advertising ploy or drugs. I remembered everyone comparing it to that crazy homeless guy that bit off an officer’s face in a mad bath salts episode. Maybe it was a bath salts epidemic? Maybe we were just losing the war on drugs?

Of course, when it got closer, when it became real, it was too late. It was outside the front gate, furiously crawling its way toward the front door. It made me think of the incessant FEMA commercials that urged the public to “make sure you have a plan”. What sort of plan could anyone have to deal with this though? There was no answer to the mayhem that ensued.

All the discussions I had with friends and family about needing a zombie apocalypse strategy swirled in my head. My fiance, the incredibly fit and fast ultra endurance athlete, he was my plan. An excellent fighter, level headed survivor, the dominant leader of the pack. It was almost too perfect, too lucky for us to have met halfway across the world and to have fallen in love. All of our plans rested with his strength and agility. Fortifications, weapons, force, supplies.

My luck was running out. We had worked it out so well in theory on those sunny and blissful days. Alas, he was at work in Brooklyn when it all kicked off, 12 miles away at best. I visualized the 20 million people in New York City that would soon become predatory monsters, watching our odds of survival trickle down with each second. All the planning in vain.

It crept at the front door of my two family house in broad daylight amid distant screams. There was no plan and no hope as fear manifested itself before humanity. And there I was alone in the house save for the cat. Family members were strewn throughout Manhattan for various reasons, and the pessimist in me chalked them up for dead.

I locked all the doors and moved quickly, hoping I wasn’t already too late, trying hard not to strain my ears over the now growing cacophony of screams to hear if the metal gate to the door was holding.

A Letter

Day 23/30: Write a letter to someone, anyone

I’ve really struggled to think up who to write this to, whether it should be some abstract idea or someone from my past, someone I know now, etc. I chose to write it to nobody.

Dear nobody,

The general public shies away from you. You don’t exist on social media. You don’t make big deals over minor victories. You don’t call attention to yourself. You don’t advertise yourself as something you’re not because people like it. You don’t fall into Buzzfeed’s hyped up lists. You’re nobody.


Three Lessons For My Children

Day 21/30 asks what three lessons I want my children to learn from me.

This is only slightly awkward being that both my boyfriend and I aren’t interested in procreation. I love kids, but I love having my own time and freedom more. And sleep. I love sleep. Babies are programmed to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure they’re safe, or so I read in some scientific article a few months ago that made me more certain of my choice.

Either way, things can change I suppose and there are always other people’s kids!

  1. I would teach ‘hypothetical child’ what food actually is. Like, you see that chicken there? Do you know what chicken on a plate looks like? THEY’RE THE SAME THING. Obviously I wouldn’t PETA style traumatize them and throw red paint on their mink coats (these are rich kids I’m dealing with in my head) but I think a proper education about not only what food is but what you need to sustain yourself and actually feel good is important. I would also try to un-brainwash them from the reward system that idiots teach them. It’s just stupid to say “You need to eat healthy” and when they do something exceptionally good you “reward them with candy or fast food”. No no no no no!
  2. The importance of math and science. Maybe it’s just NYC school systems, but there’s never a push for math or science. There’s always book drives and reading campaigns, and reading is such a huge focus. Nobody ever looks at math. Nobody really cares about science (in the early stages of education). Most people just hope their kid can get through 10 years of basics and never have to do it again. WRONG. It’s a part of everything, it’s really important.  If you can make sure a child is given the proper time to understand it then they’ll enjoy it, and if they enjoy it they’ll flourish in it. If they flourish in it, they’ve already got a step-up in life. Also, the people who hate on these subjects would never be allowed near my household.
  3. Everyone is different but equal. Different color, religion, family setup, orientation, etc etc. Doesn’t matter. Treat everyone the same, it’s not hard.